Another Nova and Speaker Thread…. Alchris Anyone?

I’m a long term Nova and Kudos X2 user and have enjoyed this system for the past few years. I’ve had the urge to upgrade the speakers for some time now and have kept a keen eye on the used/eBay market.
Having enjoyed the Kudos sound I did almost but some Kudos Super 20a at a good price but the seller would not let me inspect/collect or hear despite me being only an hour away, so that never happened. The Super20a is maybe at the limit for a Nova but my thinking was it’s a great upgrade and gives me some future proofing should I upgrade the electronics at some stage. Anyway…. That’s still a thought.
Then I found some PMC Twenty5.24i at a good price but the seller completely messed me about.
Some weeks later I saw a pair of used PMC Twenty5.23’s which I bought as I have always liked the look of them and previously used (and still own Rega Ela’s) thought I would enjoy the transmission line sound, especially as many other forum users enjoy them. Sadly these were returned as there were issues with the cabinet veneers ( full praise to Peter Tyson for a no quibble return). Unfortunately the sound was not what I expected. They took a lot more driving than the X2’s despite the same efficiency and whilst there were some improvements I would not say they were huge compared to the X2’s in my room…
Room dimensions are 25’ x 13’ and my speakers fire across the shorter width.
So… am still with the trusty X2’s. I’ve looked at the used market due to cost. Obviously I’m expecting home demo…home demo but this isn’t possible buying used.
Has anyone used Alchris Audio speakers with a Nova. I do like the look of the AR-10 floorstander and they are well priced and well received.
I could consider X3’s and I know several forum members are devotees…or Cardea C20.
I can place the speakers a little away from the rear walls but not massively, so steer away from rear ported designs.
So I’m guessing I’m asking advice. The Alchris option is tempting…

Hi, have you considered Neat Elite Classics? They are a match made in heaven with the nova IME.

They are ported at the bottom with a smaller second port at the back. They are not deep speakers like most others these days so the footprint is small.

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Several Neat models work really well with a Nova - iota Alphas are great and tiny, but far from the only good option, as @stavrose’s comment shows. Anything up to about Xplorers would be worth considering.

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