Another quick stacking question please

Current rack is;

2 x HCDR

Just bought an nDAC for my ND5XS2. Due to restricted shelving space I am going to move the 250DR to another space to the side of my current rack and put the nDAC in it’s place.

However I can obviously move the other components so was wanting to ask which of the nDAC and ND5XS2 would you recommend to keep furthest away from the 2 HCDRs which are on the bottom shelf?

Basically asking whether the nDAC or the ND5XS2 would be most affected by the power supplies.

Any advice much appreciated, and apologies for a slightly boring question.

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I wouldn’t worry, as they are both mains powered boxes. Maybe get an extra shelf so you can keep everything together.

Thanks for the reply HH.

Unfortunately there’s no room for an extra shelf, so I’ll just move the 250 and put the nDAC in its place.


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