Ansuz Anyone?

Anyone use Ansuz power distributors or cables on the forum?
I recently took a punt on some s/h Ansuz Sparkz and like what they do to the system.
Nothing lost in terms of prat, but the music has softened a little - in a nice way. I don’t think I can hear the difference, but removing the units, I want to put them back on.
It changes the flow of the music for the better…

@leatherneck … has/had some of that kit …

a topic on anzus on the old forum…

Found that topic. Looking at some of the ansuz prices makes the ND555/552/500 system seem like you’re slumming it.
The cables + distribution box can set you back a $100K or more.

there is no limit apparently. But anzus starts at 2k, seems very well constructed. You can ask Bertblue, he uses anzus.

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yes Ansuz prices are scary and probably more than they should be, but power cables and especially power destributors brings a lot to your system. How far you should go up in the ansuz range depends on hfi-fi madness, and what other options you have to improve the system. This is the fantastic thing with a Naim system there are always many upgrade paths to better sound.

Yup, I was deep into Ansuz, Aavik and Raidho. Then I turned around and downsized all the way back to a Naim Nova. Now I can sleep at night knowing that I’ve gone back to making the music more important then the hardware.

My system now is the Nova feeding Harbeth 30.2 40th Anniversaries connected w/Super Lumina cables. One Ansuz DTC Power Chord about covered the cost.

I think it’s the most satisfying system I’ve owned in decades.



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