Anti-Surge Fuses

Last night, around midnight, I had power out of a few seconds which blew the fuses in the Supercap and XPS. I only noticed because the nDAC lights were flashing.
There were spare fuses in the carrier but the spare in the XPS was only 2A instead of 2.5 luckily I had spares so backup up and running now :+1:

I removed both boxes and dusted underneath and because the Burndy was being difficult to connect I removed it and gave it swing :nerd_face: and then the connection was nice and smooth at both ends.

I’ve ordered some new fuses from Tom Tom as I now only have one correct spare.

After the power was lost I was just getting up to unplug everything so I could power it up in order but the power returned before I got chance 🙅

Well worth having spare fuses though :+1:


Was doing some research on the forums for surge protection for my Naim Kit (NDX+282+200DR). There are some old threads out there which are now closed.
From your post here am I write in understanding that all of these products come with a fuse of their own that is intended to protect the component.
If the above is not the case any thoughts on surge protection what are the options that align to NAIM products. I have seen the posts on conditioners that wasn’t that I was looking for (in terms of solution)

If you have a look at the rear of the kit where the power cable enters, there is a small plastic cap - it sits flush, so isn’t immediately noticeable.

Under the cap, is a protective fuse plus a spare. It’s crucial to install the same type/rating.

These fuses can ‘blow’ upon switch-on, especially with the larger amps and power supplies. I had no issues over many years with any of mine until ~4 months ago, when one blew on switch-on - it actually disintegrated and bits of glass had to be picked out with pliers.

My experience on Naim fuses blowing is limited to my 250 and my XPS2. No other Naim unit I have has ever blown its fuse.

My 250 did it once many years ago, probably simply due to age and cycles. It also did it again when a small child found a green light which went on & off when pushed…

My XPS2 has done it a couple of times now. Much has been written about this subject. My take on it is that the XPS2’s fuse is just closer to the edge that others. It doesn’t blow if left on…

Thanks for confirming the existence of the fuses. Believe thats in-built line of defence against surges.

Just in case you have not seen the FAQ:


I hadn’t thanks for that.

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