Antipathy to the 252 - Why?

I’ve lived with it now for 8 weeks and notwithstanding the 552 etc it’s the most stunning, dynamic, melodic yet at the same time dark haunting presentation of the music I’ve ever heard.

Sorry guys just can’t understand the negativity.




I think most of it comes from one member repeatedly banging on about it😉

In my system it is so much better than the 282 it replaced I am amazed


I tried the 282 vs the 252. I can understand people liking the more livelier presentation of the 282. But an extended listen i found the 252 was more refined and enjoyable preamp to listen to at length, day after a day……a lifetime?
Both are great preamps……no weak link😉


With those ATCs😎

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Exactly! The only slight niggle in my mind is that the 252 is not balanced. Hmm if only Naim did a balanced alternative😉


Someone needs to change the title to this thread - there’s not ‘hardship’ involved!

(Aversion perhaps.)

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Loved my 252, both with the sc and then the sc DR. Also loved it with the manky 250-2 and then the manky 250DR that Naim insisted on selling, even though no one likes them. :grinning:


The 282 is more in your face. At a short audition, or with different speakers, it might initially seem more vibrant and exciting.

But the 252 is just more capable.

In time you realise just what it conveys.


I loved my 252 and it took a very good deal on newish 552 to shift it. I actually think it’s the real sweat spot in the range for performance at the price point, great value.


I thought the adversity was towards the 552 not the 252.

But also in that thread and elsewhere a lot of antipathy towards the 252.

Seriously though is there more than one person saying it?

As pointed out in other threads, the member in question posts his opinion and then has to defend or explain his views which leads to multiple comments on the subject.

About the 252 or 552?

Yes and that leads to the impression that lots of people hate it when it is actually just one person repeating it again and again. Also I would argue they do not “have to” defend their opinion again and again

The 252

I’m talking about the member who talks about the 552.

Looks like we have our members crossed🤣



Fortunately Mrs Bruss is similarly confused. They both look the same in the rack. :grinning: