Any advice for a custom rack?

Or one

Or one?


Yes, the SVT is a great option, which both sounds and looks good. It doesn’t sound as good as a Fraim but is a nice compromise. Hutter is very nice looking though seems much rarer these days - a nice ‘European’ look that may appeal.

I’ve tried to get most of these through but with no success. We’re currently looking at approaching a London company called Uncommon Projects who specialise in beautiful custom ply designs.

My preference is two Fraim stacks but not looking likely, and this is someone who has been incredibly accommodating this year with several serious upgrades. I’ve read about these kinda situations before on here and never really got it… but it looks like Fraim is the line in my relationship :slight_smile:

Ok, so here is my suggestion. I’ve looked up Uncommon Projects and it does look lovely. So work out the size of a twin Fraim, allowing an extra 20cm from rear leg to wall. Get them to design a cupboard that would enclose the Fraim entirely, with no back and slots at the the sides to allow air to circulate and speaker leads to escape. You could have display shelves for books and arty stuff above. That way it will both look and sound good. Using system automation and WiFi to control the system you can have it completely invisible. I can imagine this design working really well.

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As well as covering the industrial appearance of some racks or ranked electronic boxes, a cupboard built over/round a hifi rack has added benefit of greater isolation of sound from the speakers, and can be lined with absorbent material reducing internal resonances. With equipment highly sensitive to transmitted vibration it might reduce the degree of demand on the rack, while also reducing directly incident vibration from the air.

The first time I did this was with a Sound Organisation rack bearing a turntable, primarily to put it out of temptation and reach of inquisitive young fingers, and it worked well (other than being making changing a record a bit awkward). But no good for anything with an infrared remote control, unless the doors are left open when playing, and if power amplifiers in particular are housed then there needs to be good arrangement for airflow…

My old Quadradpire has simple doors that enclose the lower portion. Looks really nice but I cannot find anyone that does anything similar. Quadraspire never answered emails as to why they stopped making this style.

My rack is getting tatty and will have to say that way until I find something effective and attractive!

Custom hifi racks are selling also Symbol and more

Italian Bassocontinuo

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