Any advice for a custom rack?

My partner hates Fraim, and most other hifi racks for that matter. Has anybody had a unit custom made? Any key considerations? ND555/252/300.

Thanks :slight_smile:

See hifi racks uk .

Stillpoints ESS

I doubt his partner will appreciate…but probably one of the best rack available. With HRS and Critical Mass or Artesamia.

Well, you never know :sunglasses:
The ESS does have a contemporary flair factor imo. I like the look and they look great in the flesh…

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Some photos may help

Stillpoints ess



Hifi racks

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Centaure audio make nice racks too.

I think your key points is that it should function much like a Fraim.
Other hiend racks often offer different designing.

You could go for a Fraim and then have a custom designed unit with a fancy top and doors made to fit over it.
If you have the space, a low double width unit may look more aesthetically pleasing than a single stocky one.

Perhaps a Simrak?

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It would be my choice. Very nice. But if the partner of the OP doesn’t like the Fraim, perhaps she doesn’t want an hifi rack but more a deco design furniture ? ( like Roche bobois).
I hope Driaj will tell us.

She basically dislikes anything that looks like a dedicated hifi rack. We’re considering a custom contemporary looking birch ply entertainment unit. Recent upgrades have made it more pressing (can no longer stack bricks on top of each other at nd555 level).

It will follow brain/brawn layout. 2 x 3.

Should we be fitting cups and balls with glass? Material choice key?

@Mike_S made that recently. He should tell you.

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I had the same problem, i wanted a fraim in beech/black. The misses hated the look of it, especially from the side. So a compromise was agreed on and this is it, he can make what you want and at a very reasonable price.

Sorry not the best quality picture but its all i had on this device, if you would like any more details then as long as its ok for me yo say, then just ask


Have a look at Audinni and AV Soul.

We’re thinking of getting something bespoke from one of these guys next year. Not cheap, but look good.

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New wife.

Get your priorities sorted!


A well known Naim dealer in Edinburgh has an ex-demo Stillpoints ESS rack

I think it’s ugly, but each to their own…



Jan 14

OK - few pictures of my systems

The main ‘library’ system:




I’ve added stainless steel ball bearings and nuts under my 10mm glass shelves for a bit more isolation. $72 from the engineering shop. Glass shelves were about $100/each.

This is a tricky one. With your sort of equipment it depends to what extent you are willing to compromise the sound you get from your spending of £35,000 on hifi equipment. I’ve tried various stands over the years and some have been really bad. Of the well known ones, Fraim really is very good. Could you not compromise on a pair of low Fraim racks in a decent colour? As Tobyjug suggests above its perfectly possible to get a surround made - something with doors and cutouts on the top for the glass? Alternatively, if you want to go with some sort of wooden unit with glass shelves and balls you’ll just have accept that it’s a compromise. Does some Heath Robinson affair really, really look better than two neat stacks of Fraim?


As always HH spot on. I’d add or two neat Quadraspires.