Any DSD recommendations?

Hi all. I’m new to owning an ND5 XS2 and am enjoying trying out some of the high res music formats it supports. In particular, I’ve never had a streamer that could play DSD before.

Does anyone have some recommendations for great DSD recordings that can be purchased for download? What’s are favourite albums to show off what DSD and Naim streamers can do?

Try the ines by Carmen Gomes that can be purchased at Sound Liaison



They have a free sample pack which I thought was was good.
I am keen to download a few albums myself. :+1:t2:

Any other suggestions from the community on favourite DSD recordings?

I downloaded an album called “Amsterdam Moon” by The Coo. I’ve quite enjoyed it and would recommend it.

Check the HDtracks, they have so many DSD albums available.

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I’ve really enjoyed this one:

Downloaded this to try as a DSD. Sounds good…



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