Any experience Bluesound Node with NAC202/NAP200?

Hi friends,

wants to hear your review, opinion and suggestion if Bluesound Node streamer is connected as source with Naim NAC202/NAP200

  • what connection is the best option between them ?
  • should I use Wifi connection or Ethernet cable for connecting to Internet?

thank you

Not an exact answer, but a friend of mine uses the Node via Wifi into 32/Hicap/Snaxo/2x250/Active Tukans with a Linn Seizmik subwoofer.

He also has a LP12/Ittok/Adikt next to it. He listens to the Node maybe 95% of the time.

I have heard both side by side, and the Node, although beaten by the LP12 is hardly disgraced. It is good enough to be a source for his active system.

My experience with the Node is somewhat more of a mixed bag. When I used the variable analog outputs (I did not have a preamp at that point) into my tube power amps and full range speakers it sounded very one-notey and ploddy at the low end, that robbed the excitement from music. It also was quite flat spacially. I understand that the fixed analog outputs are probably better than the variable ones.

I added a third party DC interface board and an external linear power supply to the Node (after removing its switched mode supply) and this gave world of difference to the quality of its analog output.

Now I am using that Node/LPS as purely a digital streamer into a Gustard R26, and that is light years ahead of the Nodes analog replay quality.


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Node is a good reader but his dac is not at naim level.
Weakest point is power to dac, some use external power supply, but to have proper sound quality My suggestion is to connect it to a naim ndac with a coax cable
I use Wi-Fi with no problem with mine

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Wifi connection is very good. Streamer is very suitable for a 202/200 combination. I would argue that the dac at this level is also good enough. A big improvement would be a better dac though, before looking at power supply changes. Qutest is my preference but the Naim dac that is no longer produced has a good reputation on here.


Having owned both, I would suggest the analog replay from the Node using the built in DAC is in the same ballpark as that of the Squeezebox SBT.

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I don’t understand about squeezebox, what is that?

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