Any love for a Nat06?

or Apple Watches…like I wear now.

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Better than your “red LED” 05, Chris?

Sorry about that, I had forgotten that the 05XS is no more.

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Ha! I don’t think I will ever know!

(Thanks for remembering about the ‘red light’ btw. You put this stuff out there, inevitably you wonder if any of it sticks.)

By the way: one of the most famous offerings Naim produce in the Classic range, ( or any ) it’s the SuperNait (3)
The third button from the left says Tuner.
I ask myself: is Naim saying ( not explicitly) to go ahead and buy something from the competition?!


no, it’s just that all Naim preamps have had a “tuner” button (or switch position).

Changing the habits of a lifetime is somewhat difficult.

Anyway, it sounds better than “Aux 6” :smiley:

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A FM tuner is about the only source component that you don’t have to change, ever. Radio stations regularly upgrade their broadcasting equipment and usually have the latest dacs and streaming devices so you benefit from the upgraded sound for free!

Once acquired a tuner will not cost you a penny until the caps start leaking!


Exactly. For me it’s not a question of habits. It’s a question of why we are obliged to change to stream?

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I’ve several tuners including a couple of Valve ones and no longer use them as apart from talk radio and classical I can’t get any decent stations and most of in fact all of the commercial stations are rubbish.

My Auralic Aries will stream thousands of stations to my stereo including an increasing number of 320Kbps stations like Linn Jazz that sound excellent.

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I would certainly never criticise anyone who enjoys FM radio, but firstly I would say that it is arguably a form of streaming, and secondly the majority of music played will be of digital origin. Not only that, Nicam stereo as used by BBC FM stations is a lossy digital signal.
To my mind, the logical successor to this is the lossless FLAC radio streams that have been pioneered by Radio Paradise and others. Naim have taken the initiative here, and cajoled quite a few other iRadio stations into using lossless FLAC. The sound quality is generally way better than any lossy MP3 or AAC station I’ve heard.

As for what hardware you would need to use, iRadio is also a form of streaming, so clearly a streamer will be the weapon of choice here.

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Thanks for the input sir.
But dare I say that the quality of stations shouldn’t be associated on the source ( of listening?)
I acknowledge the benefits of digital radio and the bigger spectrum of choice given by net radios. But in fair opinion, it’s a question of taste?!

After all, instead of “13 stations of sht, to choose from”, you’ll have 100 stations of sht,?!

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Shall we do the same for those who love vinyl?
Hey guys, your source is primitive/ last century.
Let’s adopt streaming because it’s more “perfect” and more confortable (read practical)

Maybe it’s my age, maybe it’s lockdown working from home related or maybe it’s just damn good, but my NAT01 is my most used source. Yes, the LP12 can sound better but, whilst I’m working, Radio 3 is perfect. My appreciation of classical music grows and every now and then there’s a nice surprise. Even better, I don’t waste hours wondering what to choose to listen to!

An 06? No thanks, love the look and sound of my 01.


No argument from me. However the reality is that it is is way cheaper to upgrade your internet streaming server hardware than it is to upgrade a major transmitter such as Rowridge.

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Just a pretext to say: bring the tuner ( back home) Naim

I’m not sure what you’re saying here. We’re talking about broadcasting music, I don’t see what vinyl has to do with it.

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Sorry, let me try to explain better: for some , the justification for ending the naim offer seems to be : analog tuner is obsolete.
Less stations to choose from, less quality compared with dgt signal and so on…

Just trying to make a parallel analogy

As long it works ( unless they tell (Naim) that’s no more financially interesting ) why cut the offer?

I suggest that Naim’s view would be that you can get “radio stations” via the streamers.


If so, why offer dab radio via modules in the uniti rsnge? Incoherent: if a client want fm, why not also offer a ( unique) separate component?

Allowing complete systems independently of the range