Any other golfers?

Are there any other lunatics on here who like chasing a small white ball around the countryside? I’ve just returned to the game after an 18 month sabbatical. Would be nice to have some fellow twin-interest audiophiles!

Yes Neil, I am just returning to playing again after a knee replacement 5 months ago, though to be honest I don’t feel I’ve missed anything with the weather over the past few months.
I play at Pannal GC in Harrogate, North Yorkshire. Having hovered between 10 and 12 handicap for many years (on the old system), I eventually achieved single figure handicap a few months after retiring. The newish WHS handicap system brought it down to a low of 4.6 (giving me 6 shots on our course), currently 6.6 (8 shots).

You’re in a different league to me! I only really took it up seriously about 5 years ago. I’m on 19 at the moment, but did one day play to 16 in a stableford competition and caused alarm and despondency in the pros shop after wards! I’ve just joined a new club and went out for the first time in 18 months for nine holes today. Enjoyed it a lot.

Still hacking away. Looking forward to my first game of the year and getting my index down.

We used to have our corporate day at Valderrama - now that was a box to tick - like playing on an axminster carpet with underlay.

Funny I was watching Only Connect tonight and added a few more bits of knowledge

1 under Birdie
2 under Eagle
3 under Albatross
and the mythical…
4 under Condor
5 under Ostrich
6 under Phoenix

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Sorry, but it lost its mysticism with Ostrich.

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You would presumably have to be on a par 6. Hmm.

Unlikely isn’t it.

Bet Trump has had a few! :wink:

I did play an official par 6 hole on a golf course in Asia. Bizarre I know.

I was doing an audit in Singapore and found some papers on file where our branch out there had been naughty and insured a golf course in North Korea that had a Par 7 and Par 3 hole with a conical green that guaranteed a hole in one if you hit the green.

So a Phoenix is theoretically possible!? Blimey.