Any recommendations for cleaning DIN pins?

Since this seems to be an appropriate place to post pictures of dirty cotton buds:

The bunch on the left are from my 200’s 4mm sockets, using a one-two of DeOxit followed by isopropanol. The bunch on the right are from my speaker’s sockets - I’m surprised how much cleaner they are!

The Wisdom tooth cleaner was used on the DIN sockets - it’s not easy to see, but there was definitely some darkening as it got used.

All now reconnected and sounding sweet.



Tempted to do this cleaning on my 9 years old 300DR. What if you loose a cotton tip inside it. Can one get it out with a steel wire or something or just leave it there. I guess it’s just pushed play against the end and doesn’t affect the connection which are on the sides :man_shrugging:

Tried cleaning all my 4mm plus connections. Surprisingly, not very dirty in my cases. Has expect my 1985 NAP250 to be filthy, but it wasn’t. My (spare) 1992 140 was worse - but still not so bad. My Kudos X3’s were probably the worst…

Quick & cheap to do… :astonished:

I was a bit apprehensive about this too, but it was much better than I anticipated.

I used a new set of buds on which the cotton was still nice and tight. Dipped into whichever liquid I was using, then gently but firmly pushed it in with a bit of rotation. It takes a moment to fit in, but once you’ve gone in once it squishes the bud into the right shape and it’s then very easy. Only give it a few ins and outs - I noticed a couple of times in the dirtier sockets that the cotton was starting to unravel so I changed to a fresh bud.

Honestly, much easier than I expected.


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I just tried this on my 300DR. No way getting the tips I had inside the holes. Bigger ears in Sweden? :man_shrugging:

Goes with the territory of being a taller nation!