Any recommendations on speaker upgrade?

Hi all, first post - but I’ve enjoyed Naim CB stuff for years. Currently, CB 32.5/HC/160, sources a mid 90s ish LP12 spec, nDAC, and Yamaha T-2. Everything recapped recently.

I am using Rega RS3s in a roughly 18’x25’ room, glass wall behind the speakers. Overall, I think the system sounds pretty amazing. A local dealer heard it picking up some old Harbeths I was selling, and he seemed a bit taken aback by how good it sounded.

I can’t help myself - but I’m thinking about a speaker upgrade, wondering if the RS3s are a limiting factor. The only other speaker I’ve tried in the system were the Rega RX3s, and frankly I couldn’t stand them - didn’t gel.

Any thoughts? Thank you.


Budget ?

Floorstanders ?

Bookshelf ?




So, you think it sounds amazing and a dealer was taken aback by how good it sounded.
My question , I think, is obvious.


What more are you looking for? And what music is most important to you?

Leave well alone….


If it ain’t broke, keep fixing it until it is….


Good one ha :smiley:

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Sorry but try a pair of naim IBL or SBL. cheap now and work well with Linn and CB.


the 160 is a sweet sounding amp. In one of my secondary systems I have the 32.5/hicap/250 CB so I know where you’re coming from

Currently running with the Naim nSATs on their dedicated stands . Have also run it with a range of Neat speakers so have a look at their range if you wish

Hesitant though to give any specific recommendations as speakers are very personal. If you like the sound you currently have then perhaps leave well alone as others say , it’s a merry go round out there

But no harm in listening to others



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SBLs / IBLs won’t work as the OP has a glass wall behind the speakers

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Your room is a decent size. I would be tempted to try a pair of Rega Rs5s, or whatever their contemporary equivalent is. My reasoning is you appear to like their house style with your NAP160.

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Though RS3 is different ti RX3, I find it a bit strange RX didn’t gel.
TBH, I would just leave it, doing nothing but improve sources.

Hi and welcome,

Loads of possible recommendations but what are you looking to improve?


Hi all,

Sorry to post then disappear. Lots of good questions.

It’s a bit of a “you don’t know what you don’t know” situation. I am perhaps something of an audiophile oddity…I got into the whole vintage Naim thing through a friend and a local shop, and honestly haven’t had the time to mess around with listening to other things much, and have slowly but surely followed the classic Naim/LP12 upgrade path, which has been a lot of fun. I would probably learn a lot if I did branch out, and it’s helpful to just let that sink in. I will say, hearing others systems etc., including some that should be “better”, I don’t think I’ve had the feeling like I was missing much, in fact typically I come back to mine and just love it.

Strangely, however, I feel like each step of my upgrade path has been a step forward, so I do know what sound improvements are like.

I am focused on the speakers right now because they are actually the longest serving part of my system. I am open to listening to other things, but honestly just don’t know where to start. I’m intrigued by Devore, the various Spendors and their kin, vintage Naim, but I don’t even really know what they would sound like and just want to refine my process before I jump in.

The one alternative speaker I’ve tried, the RX3s, sounded perhaps more “hifi”, but I felt like I was hearing the different parts of the speaker than a unified voice. I actually really disliked them.

So - would love suggestions for small to mid floorstanders, top end budget $5k but less would be good, I think nothing rear ported given the glass wall behind. I listen to a solid jazz/rock/classical mix, almost equally mixed. Lots of fusionish jazz.

Thanks all! I also have a variety of pet systems around the house, office, etc., a travel system, etc. I have a UQ2 that I like very much, though not close to my main system of course.

If it is sounding that good then I would improve the source that can only make things even better!

The challenge is that if you like what you’ve got you’re at risk of ending up in a worse position without a proper demo and with speakers that should be in your home. I could wholeheartedly recommend a pair of Kudos S20s but at what price in $ I’m not sure. With upgrading your front end you’re taking less risk, what PSU does the Linn have, a Lingo would be an improvement if you don’t already have one. On the digital side an XPS would be a good upgrade for the nDac.

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I would for sure audition speakers at the house before committing.

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