Any thoughts on the Milty Zerostat?

@AndyL68 I’m sure you won’t regret it. One of those essential items IMO, like antistatic inner sleeves.
Let us know what you think.

That’s what I did. Immediately cured static and brought my old vinyl back to life. Use it also on new vinyl. You will not regret it. Wise decision.

Agree with you…it’s a fraud.

Take a look at " Does The Milty Zerostat Actually Work?" on Youtube. Many use it the wrong way. I’ve always used it with the record in my hand zapping it 3-4 times. Reduces the static by a lot. A must if you use felt mats from Rega or Linn IMO. Record cleaning machine is better of course but I think the Zerostat is a great substitute.

We’re talking about these I take it.

Milty Super Exstatic Carbon Fibre Record Cleaning Brush

Let the brush’s weight provide the downward pressure and always us in the same direction. If you earth yourself while using it it’s not bad at clearing static and loose dust but it won’t stop static building up again as you play the record and I for one find it had to remember to clean the record again after playing but before lifting it, running a cartridge at 3g builds up a lot of static.

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The Milty always left me guessing…is it working?
The Furutech DeStat is where its at- very effective.

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I agree the Furutech is very effective.

I bought a VPI some years ago as well, they are very well built and it’s performance is amazing. Replacement tube arms etc are still available

Example from today. LP12 mat dead stuck on a record when removing it. Zapped the mat on the under side of the record 4 times and the mat fell off. Works.

I’ve had the Pro-jest VC S for almost two weeks now and you were right, I don’t regret buying it. The static issues have disappeared completely, and the vast majority of surface noise has also been eradicated. I’m assuming a second clean will likely remove any remaining noise. So far I’ve been using the Pro-jest cleaning fluid, if anyone has experience with a better fluid I’d be grateful of recommendations.


Brilliant, I’m made up for you.
An RCM really helps you get the best out of your vinyl.
Sorry if I came across a bit strong but I truly believe an RCM is an essential accessory to a vinyl set up.

I use Moth cleaning fluid with my Moth RCM and it works well. Not bothered trying any alternatives.

After a lot of trial and error I found leaving the fluid to rest on the record for 2 minutes after scrubbing prior to vacuuming gave much better results.

Hi Andy, a great investment you won’t regret buying the LP12.

I use a DS Audio Vinyl Ioniser ION-001 it stops any static build up and cleans up the clicks you often hear through the cartridge. When you put the vinyl back in the sleeve no static at all.