@Any Users in Germany: issues with connection when UKW was discontinued (cable / Vodafone)

I’ve got a Naim Uniti 6340 as receiver connected via koax cable with Vodafone. As Vodafone discontinued the UKW service over cable end of 2023, I switched to Webradio, connected either with WiFi or Powerline connection. Both connection are not working properly, there is no continous streaming possible. The box needs to be shut off/on any 10-15 min.

Is there anybody out there in ol’ Germany or anywhere else, facing same issues?

Recently I’ve connected the box hard cabled, and it works now for the last hour w/o any break :thinking:?

Ok, I know the box (Uniti 6340) is one of the first generation of the uniti all in one boxes from 2010 or so… (SW Version 4.8.00).

Any ideas to fix this? Latest Edition of Naim Uniti Star? Or local networking issues?

Thanks for any ideas

The original Uniti’s wifi is not very good. Using Powerlines is not a good idea as it can affect the sound and is not always reliable. The answer is to use Ethernet cable to connect the Uniti to your network. This is what you have done, and as it works, you have already found the solution.

Hi HungryHalibut,
thks for your reply …
Martin ( I like Halibut …)

No issues with newer Unity over WiFi. Did you try to connect your Unity box with an Ethernet cable to a WiFi Repeater. This should do the trick.

Thats what I did at last, since then it works properly.
But thats jaust a “workaround” solution …

Another option would be to use a wireless bridge (e.g. an old Apple AirPort Express) or a repeater with LAN connection (e.g. FRITZ!Repeater 1200 AX | Übersicht | AVM Deutschland).
Both worked for me when I still owned my UQ2.