Any zen mini lpsu reviews

I own a zen mini Mk3 which I am very happy with.

It’s sat on the network and hooked up to my 272. Streaming into the 272 over lan is great as I’m hearing the 272 dac. Using it as a streamer direct into the 272 not so good but not a surprise given the difference in dacs.

Was curious as to whether the Innous optional lpsu would have any effect in this setup?

I use the zen to stream to Qb and Sonos elsewhere in the house so would be happy to get a benefit on these devices even if no impact on the 272.

Can’t work out whether it would be pointless over lan network - and also, would only uplift the internal zen mini DAC and have no impact on what the 272 does.

Therefore redundant waste of money for the 272 or Qb but a potential gain for the Sonos only - or am I missing something? Thanks in advance

I’m with you in that I’d expect the lpsu to work the analogue side. But without looking inside that may not be true.
It is their only model with DAC too.

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The upgrade PSU replaces the supplied SMPS, so it power everything, not just the DAC/analogue side. Whether it powers the digital side better is another matter.

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You can of course bypass the Zen Mini 3s internal DAC and use the co-axial input on your 272. It’s what I do, going to the SuperUniti, so still use the SU’s DAC.

A while back I demoed the zen LPSU and found very little difference compared to using the original power supply brick. Unfortunately I never tried the internal DAC at the time to see if it makes a difference to the analog stage.

Others have have noticed an uplift in SQ when using the LPSU. I don’t know if this is because they have more revealing systems, or if I am just lucky that living in a new build, I benefit from good mains power already. And have the Zen Mini plugged straight into the wall.


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