Anyone Audition Naim SL vs ChordMusic - Loud Speaker Cables

I’ve recently got a ChordMusic Din to Din (5pin) interconnect which sounds fantanstic (much better than SL IMHO).

However, lots of people on here rave about SL loudspeaker cables - has anymore had the pleasure of comparing it against ChordMusic? I’m curious if this has much impact.

In a recent comparison of DIN ICs, my dealer found that the entry level Ansuz X blew away the Super Lumina. A friend of mine demoed the Ansuz A2 against his ChordMusic and preferred the A2. The insanely expensive Ansuz D2 DIN was described as being in another world.

The system used in the test was Naim NDX2/SN2/HiCap DR. I just bought that exact demo system to replace my Nova. It’s now on a FedEx truck in Texas headed to Phoenix. I also traded everything in the house for that D2 DIN. It’s going to replace Chord Super Sarum ARAYs, my all time favorite ICs.

To summarize, I’d say that the ChordMusic was better than the SL but the Ansuz IC’s are better than either the Naim or the Chord…


why use such expensive cables to feed a supernait? it’s the same price as the supernait. You can have 282/200 for the price of SN2/ anzus.
Just my questioning


It’s his secret formula from years of his aviation background:

“Electronics within aviation demanded perfection and superior attention to detail, and above all, designs had to be best they possibly could for the intended application. John’s particular area of expertise was ultra-high-frequency power supplies and his definitive knowledge in power supply design enabled his unique concept of linking an amplifier’s power supply rails together using a strong magnetic flux within a specialised, high-frequency transformer.”

With that being said, Chord’s Music excels within YOUR systems history and background!

Just dreaming, you are very fortunate to be able to even consider such fine accessories!

Enjoy Your Music!

PS. John Franks. Once upon a time, was Chord a supplier of Naim?

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I replaced my SL speaker cables with the Chord Music. I like all the Music cables better than the corresponding SL cables. To me The Music cables are more dynamic and detailed. That being said I am a big Ansuz fan as well and intend to Demo their C 2 speaker cables. Currently trying the Ansuz A2 din ic between my ND555 and the 552 and it is very good

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Hi, Bud I was in Chicago last month, picked up a corian shelf to sit beneath your old 2015 HCDR!

Tyler has a nice place!

Glad you are still enjoying your Love!

And Your Wife!

Wish I had your Cash!

You know my saying:

Your Money May Be Long, But Life Is Short!

Enjoy The The Bleeping Moment!

Take care!

PS. Wow!!!
Speakz A2 Speaker Cable pair (2.0m) $4,200. Add $1,470 per additional meter (Spades or Bananas).


Quite understandably SL speaker cables get a warm endorsement here and I was extremely keen to hear how they compared to a set of Chord Sarums (this was before T was launched). The Sarums, for me, were immensely better, this being an LP12, 552/300, Kudos S20 system, at the time.

ChordMusic simply moved things up to a very different and superior level and I now use these along with Music i/c’s, Streaming cable and Din XLR’s. Absolutely tremendous.


I was coming down from an expensive system all the way to a Nova. I wanted a very simple, easy to use system and the Nova provided it.
However, I missed the sound quality I had previously so I tried to compromise by buying just one upgrade element, a Lumin X1 Streamer/DAC.
What I wound up with was a non-workable system. Two brands, two Apps, etc. I was also losing the ease of use of the Nova by itself.
My long time Naim dealer suggested replacing the Nova/Lumin with the NDX2/SN2/HiCap and the more I thought about it, it was the perfect solution. It was a better sounding clone of a Nova. All the wonderful features of the Nova with better sound quality.
In the process I disposed of the Lumin X1 along with some expensive ethernet cables.
I had been using Chord IC’s to connect the Lumin to the Nova and I wanted to use DIN’s with the NDX to SN2 connection. I also wanted to stick to Ansuz who had just released DIN/DIN IC’s.
Ansuz had three levels of DIN IC’s, X, A2 and D2. I wanted better than the X’s so the A2 made sense. However, I had a lot of items I wanted to dispose of that were difficult to sell. My dealer and I worked out a nice trade that was mutually beneficial. In the process I got a D2 DIN IC, disposed of a lot of hard to sell items and didn’t spend much cash.
Going to a 282/202 would add another box and another cable.

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I lost my wife three years ago. She kept me grounded for 56 years and when I lost her, I lost my common sense and spent money like a drunken sailor. I’ve now been downsizing to a more sensible system. I just bought a NDX2/SN2/HiCap demo system from Tyler. It’s my Nova Clone w/better SQ. I’ve also been disposing of big ticket items, especially Ansuz DTC PS and Digitalz cables.

I never upgraded to Ansuz speaker cables. I needed 7 meters.

I’ve had Super Sarum IC’s for quite a while. I’ve been through a lot of cables since I got those Chords but never once considered replacing them. Recently, I went back to Naim so I needed to get some DIN/DIN cables. If I hadn’t been knee deep in Ansuz, I would certainly be using ChordMusic.

I think there may be some confusion. John Franks is top man at Chord Electronics in Maidstone who make some superb DACs and amplifiers. I have spoken to John several times and he is a really nice guy. I don’t believe John ever supplied kit to or worked for Naim (pretty sure really). John created a very high quality SMPS design, which is a feature of Chord Electronics products. I use Chord Electronics kit with Canare cables (made up by Mark Grant). These are the best cables I’ve used, but no idea if they would suit the OP’s Naim kit - probably not as I use balanced inputs and outputs. All my Chord kit sits happily on a Naim Fraim.

There is another company called Chord Company in Salisbury who make expensive leads. I used one of their cheaper leads to connect something with RCA outs to Nait DIN inputs some years ago. It’s Chord Company that makes Chord Music wires. I think there is an historic relationship with Naim.

The two Chord companies are unrelated. It is very confusing.

A bit like when I say my favourite Nirvana album is The Story of Simon Simopath (please click for details). The main members of Nirvana were Patrick Campbell-Lyons and Alex Spyropoulos who co-wrote all the songs on that excellent if somewhat short very British 1967 LP.

Think Arcam had a box called the Muso too and NVA brought out the Signature Amplifier :grinning:

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Got it! The Article I quoted was John Frank, the Founder of Chords Electronics!
Thanks for clearing that up!

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Sorry to here about your wife, Tyler has my number! Call me anytime!

Take care!

I seem to go back to Naim cables from Chord and a lot of equivent types. I am using however at the moment a pair of Audience 24 2 x 3.5 meter in between my nait 5i-2 and BW 803 Nautilus speakers and the synergy is lovely. They are also Hyper thin so easy to locate.

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