Anyone come across 'queue-it'?

Just now trying to access NS&I website I got this:

Rather disconcerting.

I had this with Wickes website earlier.

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I think it’s probably legitimate, but concerned I may be being redirected somewhere odd. Downloaded the premium bond checker app on phone - much better than last time I tried it a few years ago - didn’t win anyway, not surprising these days.

Some websites are seeing increased demand for their services (since most of us are self isolating at home) so they’ve implemented a queuing system to make it fairer for those trying to access their services.

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Yes the National Theatre uses it when they have a new season on sale. When Iam Mckellen announced his one man shows there the queue was 140K!!! As someone else said, WIckes had it the other day as did B&Q.

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Right, thanks to all, NS&I site has always been a pain, this just threw me.


Is there a way a poster can close a thread or somehow mark a question as answered?

Got some notification the other day about extra privileges, but no idea what they are or how to access them!

No, I can close a thread if yours if you wish though. Just let me know.

I think others have reassured me about the query - lock or delete as appropriate.

Queue-it said quickly becomes quit… That’s what I’ve had to do with several websites and phone systems.

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This technology keeps the website available during high demand otherwise you have what is effectively a DOS attack (deliberate DOS/DDOS attacks can also be mitigated but that’s another story)

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Many other websites (with high numbers of people trying to access) seem to be using this ‘virtual queuing’ technology (Barclays, Tesco, Boots, etc.)…


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If you are just checking for a premium bond win and have Alexa…its very easy…however i have not won since?

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