Anyone else having problem with Tidal login?

NDX running latest firmware here (4.8.00). I can log in to Tidal on my PC no problem but when I log in to Tidal via the Naim app I get:

Login Error
Could not login:
The operation couldn’t be completed
(MusicServiceKit0AuthError error 4)

Any idea what’s going on? All my Iradio and locally streamed content plays fine - it’s just Tidal with the problem.

Grateful for any advice as I have a mate staying and we need to play stuff!!


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Try logging out of Tidal on their website, then log back in. If that doesn’t work, try changing the password and use the new password in the Naim app. No promises, but sometimes this jolts Tidal back to life.

Same here, website log perfect, can’t get on tidal on the Naim app!

I can confirm that there is a problem accessing Tidal directly through the Naim app on iOS.

It works perfectly on Audirvāna, and I can log in via the web too.

It seems to be a problem with Naim’s access to their network.

Hi Naim, any news on this? Very annoying! Still can’t make it work.

@Stevesky may know whether there’s a known issue at the moment.

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It’s working OK now.

Working for me too!

Working here too again thankfully. I also discovered the issue only affected my ipad, my android phone was fine.

Glad it’s now sorted out!


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