Anyone experienced this?

If I use my system at low volume for a number of days, I notice it starts to sound flat and the bass drops off. If I run it at high volumes with bassy material for a few minutes, it seems to restore things back to how they should be. I’ve noticed this on two different pairs of speakers (MA and my new IPLs)

Has anyone else had this experience?

Just the once. Capacitor issue.

Thanks. Anyone else?

Sometimes. My speakers are wired internally with van den hul Skyline cable. It has been common knowledge that many of vdh cables - especially those that have carbon involved always prefer a short burst of music.
Perhaps the carbon crystals are more soft and malleable than others and need that short buzz to get back in line.
A big burst up them will get those lazy carbons motoring.

If I have a loud music session say in the afternoon and then return later in the evening to more music, then the sound in the evening is often better. I put this down to the moving parts of the speaker being nicely freed up.
On the other hand if you feel a little tired later in the day the edge may have been taken off your hearing. All a bit subjective I suspect.

If it’s both speakers then I suspect it’s either the cone suspension warming up/freeing up or listener fatigue (!) but if it’s just one speaker then I also think it would be a crossover issue and probably a capacitor.



I’d look at other components (eg capacitors) before attributing it to carbon molecules in the internal wiring :sunglasses:

Many thanks, Gents, for all your comments. It’s both speakers and I have found this with all the speakers I’ve used over the years. I find if I warm them up first, they do improve.

They always seem to sound better at night. One reason could be hat you’ve had a couple of drinks and a bit more relaxed, the other reason is because power supply is better depending on where you live and how close you are to industrial areas. Another one I can think of and this will get you excited, less outside influences from heavy traffic and other microphonic interference that can affect pass applies in box performance, I know sounds crazy but it’s true apparently .

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When my wife was in hospital for an extended time, weeks, last year I had the run of our detached house for as long as I wanted. Apart from the obligatory daily visit to her, once I had made my evening meal, dismissed the stuff on TV and settled down in a relaxed way I was often up to 3/4 in the morning just playing music. Ambient noise, better quality of the mains and no distractions all helped.
I am firmly convinced a positive approach to listening to music is a big help to enjoyment. A bit of an obvious statement perhaps. Even our Westie dog agrees!


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Agree late in the evening the music does seem more coherent. Whether this is due to better mains or being more relaxed I’m not sure…

Townshend audio have information in a you tube video about this.

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