Anyone have a digital copy of the CD3.5 manual?

Have a friend with an old CD3.5 who would like a copy of the manual. Does anyone have a digital version of the manual? Searching the internet only results in the PIC Upgrade manual/note and the User’s Manual. Wayback machine is of little use, seems that the manual, while listed, was not actually captured.


Try here Download the Naim Audio CD-3.5 manuals for free - Hifi Manuals

That, unfortunately, is just the PIC upgrade document, not the Users Manual.

Naim might have a pdf that they could send if you contact the support team. Or use search engines to find one online somewhere.

Hi Paul,

Appreciate your help.

However, search Engines (Google, Yahoo and Bing), as mentioned, result in the PIC upgrade manual only being listed. No luck with the Wayback machine either (manual is listed, so it did exist, but it was not captured by any of the web crawlers used). Seems manuals not listed on the NAIM site are low priority for Support. Never received a reply to my enquiry regarding the NBL User’s Manual (another similarly obscure publication) which is different from the NBL shipping and assembly document that is easily found on the web. It was another Forum member that was kind enough to provide a digital version of the NBL User’s Manual. So hoping for a similar outcome for the CD3.5 manual. Kicking myself for not keeping a copy or scanning the manual years ago when I owned a CD3.5. C’est La Vie.

I still have my CD3.5 and the hard copy manual that came with it. It covered the CDS, CDX, and CD3. The CD3 illustrated looks exactly like my CD3.5

The manual is very basic. What are you trying to find out?

Hi Graeme,
That is exactly the manual I am looking for. The section dealing with the CD3 and the remote control would be most helpful.

Like I said, it’s very basic, but hope it helps.

The remote as illustrated is the one I got with my CD3.5


Excellent Graeme, thank you very much!

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