Anyone have experience of Solar panels and battery impact on SQ

I have a full Naim system, NDS, 555PS, 252, supercap and 250DR plus Melco storage and Whest phono amp. I’m happy with it so not looking for changes. I also have a basic idol-8 filter feeding all except the 250 which is direct to mains.
I am considering getting solar panels and battery storage. There was a thread back in 21 but at that time there was not much about SQ impact.
As panels are now much more prevalent, ca n anyone comment on whether SQ is impacted?
I’d likely use the system both when battery is supporting and sun only.

We had ours fitted in October and I’ve not noticed any difference regardless of the time of day. We only have solar panels.

This is despite the feed from the solar system coming in to our meter cupboard and through the ‘dedicated’ consumer unit that is feeding the Hifi via a dedicated radial circuit.

This was the easiest way to install as our main consumer unit is ‘land locked’ in the middle of the house and our solar panel feed was coming from a garage way down the end of the garden. To have done any otehr way would have involved a lot of work and disruption.

I don’t know if different invertors make a difference but ours is a Growatt.

Thanks for the input. That’s very positive.

No difference for me either, although my main listening is at night when the inverter will effectively be off

I haven’t noticed any negative impact at all (solar panels with batteries commissioned two weeks ago today) and I have been listening plenty while it’s been sunny :sunglasses:

No discernible impact here on either the office system (DAC-V1 and NAP140), the old back-up system (CDS3/555PS, 52 & 135s) or the current back-up system.
This despite the 8kW solar array and Tesla Powerwall 2 battery.

Thanks everyone. Looks like no issues are likely.

I’ve come across a couple of reports of noise being generated by inverters, but they were from early adopters of rooftop PV and I’m pretty sure things have improved since then. I would be surprised if you experienced problems with a new installation.

No problems here either - go for it!

I have around 8kw of solar panels feeding into a 5kw 3 phase inverter and run an Isotek Polaris Power Block which has mains filtering in it which makes a difference as my hifi system performs better sound quality wise connected via the polaris block than direct into the wall sockets.
I also have a large fridge, a large freezer, a second fridge/freezer, a large wine fridge, a 1.5 hp pool pump and a 0.75 hp pool solar pump on my electrical system so all those motors make noise on the system, so a mains filter is very important to get the best sound quality on my mains system.

No issues here. I would actually swear the XPSDR hum is in fact less. Something got a clean up in the installation.

Depends on installation and component quality. You can get EMC issues since there is often switched electronics like optimisers and also DC/AC converters that can cause issues with added noise on the grid. Even your neighbours can get these issues. It can also cause your radio signals like Wi-Fi and such to work badly. Also if cables and sun panels are installed badly they effectively become a radio antenna.

I’d recommend having it done by someone that has good reputation and that offer quality over quantity.

How big is the wine fridge? (Envious)

Fine here.

Thanks everyone. Sounds like risk is low. Not sure any supplier really knows much about how much noise gets fed back but I can ask.
I think my ISOTek filter will give a bit more peace of mind. The only thing not going through that is the 250DR as I understand that is generally better direct to the mains anyway.

You’re right, the suppliers wont have a Scooby Doo

Its a dual temperature zone wine fridge, 10 racks for reds and 8 racks for whites with each rack taking 6-8 bottles depending on the diameter of the bottle. The wine fridge sits next to my beer fridge in the garage, both of which are a must in sunny Perth in Australia - thread drift finished.

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We have solar panels and no battery, installed about a year ago. The fuse box had quite a nice tidy up with the install, and if anything, sound on the main system is better.

No battery, just the panels and a control box but ultimately I don’t think there’s an impact on sound. What dis have an impact was the installer cutting the house earth connection and using a couple of powerline adaptors for internet from the control box to router. The former reduced dynamics, most apparent once a new earth had been installed, and I think the powerline adaptors were at the root of my problems with the 555 start up as well as producing noise in my superline. They’re gone now too.

Thanks, good to know and watch for