Anyone here use Google DNS?

A couple of questions regarding Google DNS.

  1. Does anyone here use Google DNS in preference to the DNS servers used by your ISP, and if so has the switch been of any benefit?

  2. Has anyone here who has a Sky Q Hub attempted to switch from Sky’s DNS servers to Google DNS, or for that matter any alternative DNS servers?

My reason for asking is that I have had an intermittent problem with ‘Roon Radio’ since their last major update - album/artist details screen intermittently populated or not populated with information.

Roon support has suggested that it could potentially be a problem with my ISP’s DNS servers, and suggested I try switching to Google DNS to see if that resolves my issue. I’m very sceptical about this suggestion, but thought I would give it a brief go. Unfortunately, when I log into my Sky Q router as Admin, I can navigate to the appropriate page and can see the default DNS settings. However, I cannot see any way of actually changing these settings. Anyone else know a way of changing DNS settings on a Sky Q router?

Google DNS is ok. I use it instead of Virgin Media’s DNS because a while back someone managed to infect their DNS such that when reading the Guardian website on my phone, it kept locking onto one of those “you have won a new iPhone” scam things. Changing to Google DNS fixed that instantly and I never bothered to change back and see whether VM had sorted themselves out.

But I’m afraid I don’t know how you change the defaults in a Sky Q router. Google will probably have the answer though, if it’s possible at all.

Edit: it looks like it is locked down by Sky for some reason.



I have been using the Cloudflare DNS servers for the past few years. No issues at all.

See Cloudflare DNS

Thanks for the replies, and yes - it does appear that DNS is locked down on the Sky Q Hub.

I have seen reports that Sky may introduce a new firmware that allows 3rd party DNS servers to be used, but am not convinced. I have posted the question on the Sky community forum - hopefully someone there will let me know one way or the other.

The end device DNS settings will override the router settings (assuming you can reconfigure the end dveice)

Thanks for this. However, I am not sure what the 'end device would be in my particular scenario. Possibly my Intel NUC with Roon Rock?

I was about to give this a go, but have been advised by members on the Sky Community forum that Sky would over-ride any end-point DNS changes that I make. It appears that my only options would be to run my own DNS server on a Linux box of some sort or to use a VPN with DNS leak protection.

I’m not prepared to do either of these things just to test whether or not the Sky DNS servers are the cause of my problem. I’ll just live with the relatively minor Roon issue that I have.

Thanks for the replies and suggestions.

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