Anyone in the UK getting any rain?

Rain on our walk from Avebury to Silbury Hill this afternoon coincided with low sun to produce this double beauty:


Strange weather continues - warmest Armistice Day on record…

This warmth won’t last too much longer, but a welcome bonus for everyone during challenging times. Wholesale gas prices down 60% since summer peak. Gas usage across Europe is down 22% as folk turn down the heating, according to Bloomberg.

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From today’s Telegraph

At the moment it looks like it will last all week and even into next weekend. It should be good news for our water companies, after all those pictures of worryingly low levels in reservoirs from the summer. But think again. Hosepipe bans remain with Thames Water, Yorkshire Water, South East Water and South West Water. The official line is that drought conditions may not abate until next spring. Let’s hope it stops raining before then.

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Hosepipe bans in November. It really is laughable in the UK.

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Certainly filling the reservoirs today - awful weather to start the working week. The rain is sideways this morning.

Looking at Netweather Radar. It’s coming our way, in fact it is now raining.

Wrong sort of rain then that skims over the reservoirs :wink:


Started here about 2 hours ago and now its really heaving it down!!

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Rather than drilling holes thru the floor of your lovely man cave for speakers……you might need an Ark judging by the lashing we are getting in Colchester.

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You’re telling me :flushed:
Mrs Q read me an article the other day that detailed how the “East of England”, which is us, will be under water by 2080… :scream:

PS: Plan has changed slightly. We are now going to create a platform 250cm x 50cm across the whole side of the cabin that will be suspended off the floor and fixed to the concrete base. this will effectively decouple all of the audio equipment from the structure :grin:

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People have been talking for years about the need to increase reservoirs and cut leakage but neither have really been tackled so here we are now with inches of rain and a substandard system to store it for next year (in the uk)


Just had an email from Thames Water announcing that their hosepipe ban has ended.


Ooh. I haven’t. Great can get the sprinkler out :grinning:


I have had the same email- you are free to water your garden

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I can also wash my car but given the mud, horse poop, puddles and water-filled potholes, and the time of year, I’ll resist that temptation.

Good evening All,

I think we had all your rain here in Aberdeenshire on Friday - fantastic kayaking as a result…



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Yep, same here. Bit of a surprise given they were previously indicating sometime next year. But a pleasant surprise.

Every day in Altrincham cheshire.

How did you find the Northern Belle please?

I see the 2023 dates have just been released and we’re very tempted as there’s a Carlisle trip in April that leaves from Coventry which isn’t far from us.

Thinking about this thread this morning. Serious rain here in Worcestershire today. Avon and Severn likely to flood I think.