Anyone know when a 3rd gen Mu-so might appear?

I am interested in the Mu-so 2 but am also not in a tremendous hurry. I would rather wait for the Mu-so 3 if it is expected to be released by or shortly after spring.

I believe the 2nd gen was released in May 2019 but am not sure when the 1st gen was released or what Naim’s model update cadence is.

The original Mu-so was launched in 2014 (with Mu-so Qb following in 2015); Mu-so and Mu-so Qb 2nd Generation were launched in May and August 2019 respectively - that’s five years between generations.

As the 2nd Generation products are based on Naim’s highly scaleable streaming platform - the same innate base of our latest Uniti systems and network players, up to and including the flagship ND 555 - there is a lot of room for in-life upgrades and developments. (You’ve already seen native Qobuz streaming added since launch, for example.)

So we have plenty of time before we’ll even start thinking of 3rd Gen products!


Thanks for the lightning quick response @Naim.Marketing!

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The new 272.2 has got to come first…

Nice try, but still nothing to share :slight_smile:

Going back to Mu-so 2nd Generation - we’re still winning awards for the range, from around the world: no reason to replace a class leader! Buy with confidence.


Having the ability to use a pair of Mu-so Qb as a stereo pair would be interesting.

Normally about two weeks after you buy the current gen.


Agree, I have two, it would be good to stereo them now and then.

At one point I had considered using 2 Muso 2nd gen as a stereo pair (instead of conventional speakers due to space constraints) using Roon to group them as a zone and send L to one and R to the other. While it technically works (I tested this briefly with other Roon endpoints), my understanding is that over time the channels would start to drift in terms of timing due to separate network cards and DACs between the units. While Roon tries to synchronize them and does a good job for whole-house scenarios, we are much more sensitive to timing of a stereo pair in the same room.

Assuming this is accurate, the limitation would probably also be there in the case of the native Naim app.

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