Anyone own or has heard Buchardt S400 Mk2?

The Buchardt S400 Mk2 have gotten so many rave reviews, they are made to sound like the greatest thing since sliced bread!
I was wondering if anyone has them paired with Naim kit and what they think of them. I am not looking to buy them, but I am curious about them.

I have them, having upgraded from mk1. They are a couple of weeks in place on the end of a Star with Meridian power amp.
I’m delighted with the upgrade and they work incredibly well with my unconventional system with improved mid range and depth of sound stage. The Mk 1’s were great, these are considerably better.
40 day trial rather than audition. I’m told very few go back!


I am surprised not more Naim users own them. They seem to be a very popular speaker.

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