Anyone tried the superlumina jumper cables?

Right now together with the Superlumina speaker cable, I have Siltech Classic 770L jumper cables. My speakers are KEF reference 207/2. As I continue to get more and more out of my ND555 streamer, I am now wondering what impact the SL jumper cables could have…any views?

Just remember that the cable inside your speakers is probably very standard copper. I’d say it would make very little difference to make that change. I am not saying speaker cables don’t make a difference I just think that the shorter the run the less impact on sound, in my opinion. I will add that my opinions come from building my own speakers and experimenting with different internal cables.
I’d use the super lumina on the mid/tweeter terminals and jumpers to the bass. The differences to the bass drivers are usually less audible.

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With this in mind however I have been surprised at how much difference the jumpers can make on the sound. For instance, I switched the entry point of the speaker cable (jumpers linking down) to the higher plug compared to the normal lower plug (jumpers linking up), and the sound was very different. But ultimately I prefer the lower entry point with the jumpers moving up. This is why I believe SL jumpers may be worth listening.

You could contact KEF and ask…
Did they design the speakers to be used with jumpers when single wired…and if so, which jumpers did they use?

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Good idea. I must say they are very responsive. Yes they are designed to be used with jumpers, I will try to know more about them (they are very used now). In any way I would see the jumper part more as an extension of the speaker cable no matter what is wired inside…
Now it seems the SL jumpers have not sold very much, even on this forum!

I say go for it. At least you will know you have the same cable right to the terminals. It will give you peace of mind you aren’t missing anything.

I recently managed to pick up a ex dem set of SL jumper cables for my Kudos 808s at a very good price to replace the previous NACA5 leads I was using. As I am using a full loom of SL on my 500 series system it was a niggle that the jumpers were the only part of the system that were not SL. At full price the jumpers do seem a ridiculous amount of money Maybe I am a completist, but as the previous poster says it is a little itch that had to be scratched. My dealer always used SL jumpers on the 808s on demo but recommended the A5 as a second best and others have had success with other jumpers such as Vertere. As for the sound quality I cannot find anything bad to say about them, the icing on the cake for my particular system I would say.

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This is the response I received from KEF
“We usually recommend cables that offer a linear response. Typically Chord Epic Twin/Signature and higher deliver this characteristic, so partner with KEF Reference speakers very nicely.”

I agree…my mistake

Excellent service from KEF!

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