Anyone use Fidelia in macOS as well as Qobuz downloads?

Fidelia is simply an audio file playback app which along with BitPerfect used to use fairly low level access to audio output, not sure if they still do this due to macOS changes.

To me, played in the study the output seems quite a lot nicer than using Apple Music or Qobuz Desktop apps, so wondering about using an older Mini hooked up to the Nova over optical to play local files.

I purchased Fidelia ages ago, and recently re-downloaded from the AppStore on my M1 Mini.

Currently using it in the study on a good but old iPhone/iPod dock via a Topping DAC.

I’d added all my Qobuz desktop app downloads to Fidelia’s ‘library’ a few months ago.

Not quite sure what I did but tried to add a few very recent downloaded purchases from the newe Downloader app to Fidelia and it crashes consistently trying to import them.

On further investigation it seems to be because the Qobuz Desktop app downloaded stuff in FLAC which imports and plays but the Downloader app defaults to ALAC/lossless AAC on a Mac which I’ve now changed to FLAC.

Trying to figure out if it’s Fidelia choking on the ALAC files or if they are somehow being incorrectly converted/corrupted by the downloader app. I noticed some time ago that the Downloader app initially downloads FLAC then converts to selected format if different and then deletes the FLAC.

This seems to be a recent issue, but maybe I just hadn’t noticed.

I’d download these newer purchases in ALAC from the website to see if they work but the option to download anything but FLAC has gone along with the older flexible options.

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