Anyone use Spendor A2 speakers

Anyone that does, how are they for a small room, say 5/6 inches off a rear wall. Also how far apart for best listening.

I’m interested in trying a pair of them too. I did demo them a long time ago on an Atom. Clarity seemed good and had a surprising bass presence for their size. I don’t know how fussy they are about rear wall distance though, and my room can be quite boomy. Only Harbeth P3s and System Audio Aura 1s have worked successfully in it.

There are a number of very small floorstanders around, including the A2, Neat SX2, Kudos X2 that are all reasonably easy to drive and not too fussy about room positioning. They are very much designed to work in small rooms, and the small mid/bass drivers will never manage to move enough air to work well in a larger space or at high volumes. So you can be fairly confident that they will work well in a small room as long as you don’t expect deep bass and don’t want to use them at party volumes.

The bass reflex port on the A2 does help them provide a bit of bass extension, but not so much that positioning them quite close to the rear wall is a problem. As a starting point I would try them with no toe-in, and not too close to the room corners, and use trial and error to fine tune them.
Good luck.

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HI Charles,

I have Spendor A2 since end of 2019.

Speake position:
I spent a lot time (move and move the speaker in 2D dimension) in order to have the good results for the bass, soundstage, and voice. Today, the distance between rear speakers and the rear wall are 650 mm and 900 mm from the lateral walls, around 2000 mm between tweeter to tweeter. My piece is 44 square meters (11 meters * 4 meters) and , from my point of you, you need to adapt the placement of your speakers vs the piece in order to find the best combo.

To be honest, it was not easy to find the best position. If you haven’t the same distance (mm) between Left and Right speaker vs rear wall, you will heard not the best sound… (de phase sound with bass not very defined).
After many position tried, the spikes have a flat…

But if you spend enough time to find the best position, you will have a good sound or very very good sound, it depend of your source and amp or pre/amp and it is a very important topic.

Amp or Pre/Amp:

I started with 202/HC2/200/Napcs , each time you change something, each time you will heard your change.
ie: when I added Napsc it was an improvement.

Two months ago, I bought 42.5/HCCB/110, 42.5 has been recapped and 110 completely check and serviced by someone who like Naim since many years.
Now, with this combo, the sound is very very good with A2 speakers. Voices, Jazz, instrumental music are fantastic and can be holographic and imersive.

These speakers are able to follow you in your Naim Journey…

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I do now since Wednesday of last week. After five and a half years I changed from the Proac Tab 10 I had. The difference as I expected is quite significant. Whilst I have lost the subtlety of the Tab 10 I have gained, as I expected a bigger better and deeper sound from the small floor standers.
Looking forward to more listening.

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