Anyone using a 5m headphone cable?

much as I love headphone listening I would be much comfier sat in my normal chair around 5-6m away from the gear.

Longer term I’m aiming at a set of Stax L700 and energiser which have their own suitable extender but until then I will run Sennheiser HD600’s to my Trilogy headphone amp.

I found a Grado extension cable which will probably be fine, but wondered if splicing two Sennheiser cables together would work? To my thinking it would keep a similar balance if add more impedance maybe?

Any one done this or have other ideas?


You would need to get a custom one made, won’t be cheap for a good one. Customs cans is a good place to look, just got one their cables for me Meze 99 Classics as I wanted a proper 6.3mm Jack and not use an adapter also fancied a colour that matches the room I use them in.

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Thanks CG, I’ll take a look at Custom cans.

I can also recommend Custom Cans just had a cable made for my Focal headphones excellent quality and service.


I have a Stax L700 with Stax SRM006ts energiser
Bought a Stax extension cable (they do 2 lengths)
I cannot tell the difference in sound between using the extension and not using it so yes it’s a good thing if you need it

Suggest not to get a coiled version. Sort of thing that was popular in the 1970s. Whilst they coil up small, they also attempt to pull the cans off your head.


@thenaimsdave good to know, hope you’re enjoying the earspakers :slight_smile:

@Thegreatroberto ta for the warning, it did cross my mind.

for 10 quid for a replacment cable and yet one more pair of broken Senn cables I think I will try a home brew cable . Let you know how I get on.


Ah that takes me back. First pair of headphones (probably about 10 years old) from Boots. I still remember that f**king coiled cable :angry:

Update, Opted for a Grado prestige headphone extension cable.

I Can’t tell the diffference with or without so good result, v happy. Apparently QED do one, but always liked Grado headphones and have a Grado adapter that is good quality, which this matches.
CDX2 into Headline / SC into HD600 sounding glorious.

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The hd 600 looks like a plugin replacement is possible. I would recommend a cardas. I use one on my 650s and it makes a world of positive difference.

I agree the Cardas headphone cable is a big step up for Sennheiser 650.

ah, thanks for the replys, that was what I was looking for. Then again, at £800 for 4.5m I probably would have ended up back at the £40 Grado.

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I made an extension cable 40+ years ago. Cost the equivalent of probably about around 20 quid today, and I think I still have it, it in a box of miscellaneous cables in the garage as I’ve had no need for sone years. I think it was 0.5mm2 three core mains cable, plus plug, and small plastic box with a pair of sockets (all 1/4” jack) from Maplin or Henrys. Sounded no different from without it. But that was in the day when cables made no difference…


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