Anyone Using a Oyaide MTB Power Strip?

I’m in the US and I was thinking of upgrading my Wiremold power strip to the Oyaide MTB-6 and wondering if anyone has any experience or opinions to share? The internal pics I’ve seen look good however I have two concerns, the hot and neutral are star-wired with silver wire but the ground is daisy-chained with copper wire. I’m sure as is it would be better than my Wiremold but I’m wondering if it might be better still if I rewired the ground to a star configuration? For some strange reason Oyaide doesn’t sell this strip with thier best R1 receptacles in Japan only the less expensive SWO receptacles. To get it with R1’s you need to look in export markets. I already have and use a R1 in my wall. Quite like it too.

Edo if you’re in the US you should consider Shunyata and Audioquest. I use the Shunyata Delta d6 with a Shunyata Alpha EF cord to a Oyaide R1 , 20amp dedicated line using 10ga Romex. I also used an Audioquest Niagara 1000, with an Audioquest Hurricane to the wall

That Shunyata Delta d6 is $2600. Way more than I’m willing to spend and approaching what I paid for my 82/250. Maybe if I had top-of-the-line kit and a lot more disposable income. Thanks for the suggestion though.

Understood. Then I’d suggest that you keep an eye open for a pre-loved AudioQuest Niagara 1000.
they were $1000.00 new and I bet you can find one for $500-ish I had one for a while and it’s a great unit for the money!

Hey Edo…that Audio-Gon place has one for $650. from a dealer and the ad says includes a power cord ( cause they don’t come with one) that’s a great buy

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