Anyone using minidsp SHD?

Anyone using this equipment in a naim system? Am considering it as a way to get Quobus and Roon to the NDS and to play with room correction.

Might be worth giving Lee at StrictlyStereo a shout if you don’t get any feedback here.

Thanks James. I am in contact with him but wondered if there were any on the forum with experience.

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I’d be interested in comments you have on this box. I tried Dirac on my Mac, but was disappointed and wondered if this box would be much better. However, if i buy direct from MiniDSP website, it does not inspire me - i.e. if it doesn’t do what you need tough.

Now it’s available through a UK dealer that’s different as I’m sure if it didn’t work out I could return it.

Another option to get Qobuz on legacy streamers is Mconnect. It’s an iPhone/Android app that lets you stream Tidal or Qobuz to uPnP renderers such as the NDS. For me it works fine up to 24/96 with my ND5XS but due to WiFi bandwidth will not stream 24/192.
If interested then try the free “lite” version with the blue icon in the first instance. (The app with the grey icon is designed for their own streaming boards and does not work with Naim.)

Its interface is clunky but it gives you Qobuz on first generation Naim streamers without having to buy extra hardware.

Of course this does not bring you Roon.


Hi Dozey - I’m curious as to why you want to go this way with the MiniDSP. If you’re thinking of using Roon then you can go with a simple Roon to UPnP bridge (Sonore or equivalent) to feed the NDS. Qobuz can be integrated in via Roon. You can use REW to create a filter profile and use the Roon DSP function for room correction - this keeps the heavy processing on the Core running Roon rather than on the device feeding the player.


I am thinking of getting Dutch & Dutch 8c active speakers, which digitize any incoming analogue or digital signals.
Basically I am researching options. Your suggestion is a good one if I wanted to keep my existing setup.

Very nice - very impressed with the 8C when I demoed them last year. I think they are now Roon certified which makes things very simple.

It was Lee suggested the minidsp as a front end. I was looking for other opinions!

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Might be worth asking over in the pink place. One chap there is running the 8Cs with a MiniDSP so he can still use his LP12.

Thanks. I am a regular there too!

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