Anyone watch the NHL on

I’ve just renewed my subscription, I can watch games on my iPad but they don’t work on my AppleTV (which is connected to the big TV). That just gives ‘Feed Unavailable’? Anyone else having problems? (I am trying to communicate with support with little success.)

This is often down to an intended restriction as the App is designed for “Mobile Use”.
I’ve seen it before with other services.
I subscribe to “Premier Sport” in the UK to watch the NHL. Costs me £100 a year and they only show about 10 or 12 games a week and you don’t get to choose🤷🏻‍♂️

It’s been fine like this for several years. Better than Premier Sport from my pov as I can watch all of the Bruins games.

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Just tried via an Amazon firestick too and it says my subscription doesn’t have the rights to watch these games. Definitely something not quite right!

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