Anyone went from SN1 to SN3?


I have the opportunity to buy SN3 with ND5 XS2 second hand and change my current SN1 + Sqeezebox Touch system. Did any of the forum members went from SN1 to SN3 or did a comparison of the two amps? What was your feeling?

Regards, Matjaž

I would expect some people here to have done such a move and/or comparison. I can’t say anything about how it compares to the SN1, but the SN3 / ND5XS2 combination is mighty fine, I switched from Rega Elex-R /Arcam rPlay (and Squeezebox Classic previously). You’ll find many folks here vouching for this combo, for whom the NDX2 is out of reach (yet). I for one am very happy with the combo and will be adding a nDAC soon, delaying it a bit since I do not feel the need yet. I originally wanted to get the Nova, but this combo was just so much better. Especially the ND5XS2 should be a big step from SB and the SN3 will certainly not disappoint.

I added a HCDR to my SN1, new found sound with it. Keeping the SN1 and planning a NAP200DR or NAP250.2.

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