Anyone with T+A audio experience

Just wondering if anyone here has much experience with T+A audio ?

Specifically the HV series. I’m seriously looking at the T+A P 3100 preamp. It’ll drive my ATC actives, not so sure the DAVE in front of it will be OK or not.

What’s the sound signature of this ?
I’ll say my DAVE and Chord Ultima Pre. 3 combo is dynamic and TBH after a certain SPL a bit too much of a good thing.

It’s quite relentless TBH and I’m after a more even handed preamp.

I had a home demo of an Octave HP300SE valve/solid state hybrid preamp.

Thought that easily seen off the Pre. 3 in a comparison over a weekend.

I’m thinking that the APM tone control/DSP room correction on the T+A P 3100 couldn’t hurt either as I change rooms or gear later on etc.

Although the Octave HP700SE with an optional tone control module fitted is roughly the same price as the T+A.

So two titanic German brands are in the mix then…

My dealer is very, very enthusiastic about T & A.

I briefly (15 minutes), heard their base streamer, pre-amp & power amp last year in his listening room, paired with Kudos Titan 606’s.

All I can say was the sound was very impressive & were I in the market for a system at this level I would be giving it serious consideration.

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Cheers for that.

My dealer has the HV series integrated amp and HV series DAC/Streamer on permanent display / demo.

I’m going to go for a listen soon, hopefully with the DAVE in the mix as well to gauge compatibility as much as possible.

Without the actual T+A P HV P3100 preamp to try, it’s all that I can really do.

I preferred the T&A dac 200 direct into my ATC 40s compared to my TT2 through a 252. Don’t discount that, much cheaper option. Oh and give it a try with hq player upsampling to 512 dsd

I just bought a t+a dac200. It replaced my Holo Spring 3 dac and will probably also replace the Holo Serene preamp. I have it connected to the ATC SCM50ASL’s. I’m in the middle of comparing the integrated analog preamp of dac200 to the serene. Anyway, this is a great piece of kit and with HQPlayer DSD upsampling, you can make it really sing. Sounds great even without HQP.

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Oh I’ve heard amazing things about the T+A DAC200.

That it punches WELL above it’s price point.

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