Apheta 2 versus Apheta 3

Hi, I’m interested to hear comments from anyone who has replaced an Apheta 2 cartridge with the newer Apheta 3. I need to replace my Apheta 2 and wondered what folks impressions are.

Am in same boat. I have a rebuilt Apheta 1. Considering the Dyna XX2 but I do like the start stop sound of the Rega.
I Wanted something a bit smoother. Wonder what the difference the new boron Cantilver makes

I had the apheta 2 on a P8 and then went to the apheta 3 but on a P10.
First off i liked the detailed sound the P8 gave, nice controlled deep bass, very lively sounding, open and wide sounding, the apheta 3 builds on all this and at the same time has a lower noise level, i noticed that the back ground rumbling that i had on certain albums had almost gone, i didnt realise at first as it had gone as was more listening out for the sound difference, i dont know how much is down to cartridge or turntable, but i found the difference a nice improvement.
But i wouldn’t say that its a smooth cartridge.

Richard, I don’t think the Apheta 3 uses a boron cantilever. The main difference between the 2 and 3 is that the latter ups the stylus to a fine line type.

The rebuild cost I’ve seen quoted on a dealer’s website for an Apheta 3 was around 40% of the new price. What’s the deal on the older versions, is there a trade in offered against a 3 or an upgrade of your existing cartridge to the latest spec or do you have to choose a rebulid to original spec against buying a new 3?

Yes circa 500 to rebuild need to weigh up if the new one is thst much better. The 3 is now the same price as the XX2

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