App question. What does this achieve?

“Behind” each track, there’s a list of actions.

One of them allows an individual track to be toggled as a “Favourite”.

What’s the practical upshot of this? I can’t find one…


I presume you are looking at either Tidal or Qobuz? In the respective inputs, you will see a section called My Music, with lists of alums, artists and tracks you have selected as ‘favoutites’. You can also choose to have these lists on the app home page if you enable that in the app settings.

Also if you happen to use the Native apps for those services this will feedback to those and what ever you favourite is in your albums. It’s just a away of personalising a collection.

Hmm. With Tidal, all it does is continuously populate a “favourites” list. Sort of like a “Meta-Playlist” over which one has no control. Bit useless, really…

I was hoping for an equivalent of Spotify’s “Track Delete” function for album playback…

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