App RANT... stupid icons

Apologies up front, but this has really got my goat this morning.

Is there anyone at Naim under the age of 45? Do they all have 20/20 vision or better?

Ever since the Naim app launched, I have found the random and repeat icons SO HARD to see the difference between on and off. I was just using the iPhone app and had to touch the repeat button about 20 times and put different powers of glasses on to see the difference… and I’m still not convinced repeat is on!

PLEASE Naim, can you just make the ON icons bolder, or the OFF icons fainter. PLEASE make life a little easier for your customers and improve their user experience.

This has probably been discussed to death before but I was too annoyed to search!!!


It’s really not worth getting annoyed over something so trivial, and all ranting achieves is to make the ranter look silly.

Naim are aware of this icon issue; I do know exactly what’s happening but as you will understand we cannot share beta developments on the public forum, but if you wait awhile, the cause of your annoyance should disappear.


Thanks HH, at least my little rant got me an answer! I was only ranting as it’s been how many years with this issue???

I will tuck my head back in my shell and wait with bated breath for the update…

I know, the icons are pathetically small and the change in brightness is almost imperceptible. I’ve been gently grumbling about it behind the scenes for ages, as have plenty of others. But we should be there soon (ish).

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Strangely, the dimmer the brightness on iPhone, the clearer the icons for shuffle and repeat - marginal but until the issue gets resolved, it is a potential work around.