App update.

Not noticing a huge difference on Android between this and the previous iteration except perhaps for another change in tonal quality.

What I WOULD be happy with however, is a side tab “drag-up-and-down” that actually worked…

The app can have absolutely no effect on sound quality, except through the power of auto-suggestion (!)


How very dare you David this is audiophila I will have you know!

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Hi Richard,

In the pinned info about the app update, you refer to the “Rooms” screen in order to access the network diagnostics section.

I’m not seeing any “Rooms” screen, on either my iPhone or iPad, so can you point this Bear of very little brain in the right direction to access it?


Dave, Rooms is the very first page you see when you start up with the app. If you put devices into standby you should see it. Otherwise, close the app and restart.


This is the opening screen on both devices. :man_shrugging:

I only remember ever seeing a “Rooms” screen if the app is having trouble finding “Rooms”.

Bit of a mystery.

Tap the streamer name at the top of the screen (in this case ND555 443795) and the Rooms screen will appear.

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Aha … … … all is revealed.

Cheers, Chris.

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More info/help here:

Should I update to iOS15.2 before getting 5.23?

You can straight to 5.23

Thanks. Did it. Now Muso2, not nd, is erratic and unresponsive after that Swiss open broad cast iradio. Btw, that channel does not play at all. Not was like before

The app should not affect this.
Try deleting & reinstalling the app.
The power off everything including the wireless hub, restart the hub, let it finish, then restart the Muso

I did. And also power-cycled Muso. Now open broadcast station does not mess with the rest of the operation. It just does not play. I cannot say good riddance since it was nice.

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