Apple Airpods max and Spatial audio/Dolby Atmos

I just found out that if I buy a set of Airpods max, I can connect them to my Apple TV 4K and get spatial audio and Dolby Atmos.
Has anyone tried this? Do you really get surround sound effects?
Any experiences would be appreciated.

I’ve got the AirPod Pro, and I occasionally use them with my Apple TV. (Though usually only, when late at night and while watching action stuff. They aren’t that comfortable.)

I really like, how they center the audio on the TV screen, irrespective where you look - just like when watching on iPhone/iPad. That’s already (kind of) spatial audio.

I haven’t played much with 3d audio content; many of my sources are stereo only. But surely worth the try!
(From what I’ve read, it won’t be the same as a real, perfect Atmos setup; but if hires-audio is not the target, it should be fun to find out.)


I should be receiving the Airpods max today. I will report back. I intend to watch a few movies in spatial audio/Dolby Atmos.

I just put up my beloved Sennheiser HD600 for sale. That is how much I love the Airpods max.
They are great with music, and even better with movies. It sounds like I have a full Dolby Atmos home cinema on my head! Just amazing.