Apple MacBook Pro and Mouse

I bought a new Apple a couple of weeks ago, to replace my ten-year-old one which was knackered and had become very ‘slow’.

All is good, but I can’t get the lead of my ancient mouse to plug into the new device.

Does anyone know if Apple have changed their connections recently -within the last few years?

Graham I have several Mac devices, but I rather suspect you need a Apple bluetooth mouse - the latest are also rechargeable. An alternative, which I use with two iMacs, is a trackpad - about four times the size of the trackpad on the MBkPro, which I prefer with arthritic hands. IIRC Bluetooth has been the connection for quite a while. Either will work with MBk, hope that helps.

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Thank you so much, SH. There’s an Apple Shop in Brighton, so I shall take the old mouse along, and ask them to show me a new one.

I wonder why they didn’t try to flog me the new version when I bought the MacBook at the Shop a couple of weeks ago? A missed trick, I think.

I suspect it’s because the sales staff don’t expect people with ‘laptops’ to use a mouse much these days - I suspect most youngsters just rely on the in-built trackpad and portable usage where a mouse would be difficult to use.

Personally have always disliked trackpads on any kind of laptop for ergonomic reasons but I’m happy with a larger separate one at the side.

I’m well past the ‘yoof’ percentile these days. I find a mouse much easier than the trackpad that I’m using to type this.

I think that Apple would benefit by installing a ‘Grey Fox’ sensor to alert the (mainly impossibly young and hip) sales staff that an older member of the community had arrived in the shop.

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Yes, many people prefer a mouse and find it better for precision work/pointing. My hands ache these days with a conventional mouse I use for work, so find the larger standalone trackpad better for home computer use but ultimately we should all use what we prefer and is most comfortable.

I’ve probably added some more info to that initial post before posting this. I’ve now deleted it as in good faith I posted some relevant links to Apple ecosystem products which might not be allowed.

I switched to Apple several years ago purchasing the Track Pad and Magic Keyboard didn’t like the feel of the Apple Mouse and was advised to buy a Logitech Darkfield Mouse which has bluetooth connection and is rechargeable plus a major benefit that it works on all surfaces glass, marble wood etc etc no need for a mouse matt.

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Simple solution is to buy an adaptor that allows your old mouse (assuming it’s a usb plug) to connect to your laptop (assuming it’s a usb-c port). Something like this:


Hi @graham55. I assume your old mouse has the older type usb socket which is rectangular is profile. The new MacBook pro’s use the newer usb c socket which has a rounded shape. If you want a wired model you just need to get one with this newer usbc connector.

I have moved over to Bluetooth for my mouse. The model I use is a Logitech MX Master 3. It has very good reviews, can be used with up to 3 different PCs/Macs and is easy to set up. I am very happy with mine - no problems at all.

I have noted that on one of the Mac forums some people are having Bluetooth issues. Not a problem I’ve encountered.

Graham, all you’ll need is a usb to usb-c adapter to make your mouse work, but if I was you, I’d buy a Apple magic mouse. You’ll be amazed at convenience of it. Apart from the stupid sharp edges, it fits perfectly in one’s hand.

I haven’t used my Bluetooth Apple mouse for years - I find the trackpad on my MacBooks much more convenient and simple to use. (And I am ancient too)

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Thanks to all who have posted with help and advice. I have ordered what I think is the adaptor that I need - it cost only just over a fiver, so I can try again if I’ve picked the wrong one.

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