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Not sure if anyone has experienced this but Apple Mail has suddenly started sending all my emails to the Bin rather than inbox. It’s doing the same on both iPhone and iPad.

Another forum member has been very helpful in suggesting switching the mail box off and on on both phone and pad and relaunching both devices but to no avail. I have also deleted the account on both and reinstated.

Any ideas would be very welcome.

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Strange ? I would contact the Apple helpdeak.

All is well on all my Apple devices. Not directly helpful other than to say it is not a general problem for Apple.

Lindsay it’s not an Apple problem. Having googled a bit, there are two obvious possibilities. One is that somehow the settings on your mailbox in your ISP (I won’t put who it is here, but it’s the bit before .com in your email address) has got changed to redirect your incoming mail to the bin. You could log in to your webmail using a browser and check on the filter settings.

The second possibility is that someone has set up another device to download your email using POP and selected the option to send mail to the wastebin after it’s been downloaded by pop. You could change your email password and as well as that check the settings so that if mail is downloaded by POP then it’s left on the server.

You might want to talk to a help desk about all this, but it’s not Apple’s it’s your ISP’s.



Guys - thank you.

Check the Apple Mail Preferences Mailbox Behaviours tab

My advice is to ditch Apple Mail and go with a generic web-based service like Outlook or Gmail. And ISP-provided email services are the worst of all.

I use Gmail along with Google calendar and contacts works well on my Apple devices.

Thanks again guys. The problem lies with the ISP and they are fixing.


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