Apple Music HiFi Tier incoming

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Uniti Star coming this week.
I would like to stream from either/both iPad and iMac.
I’m debating to subscribe to either Amazon unlimited (due to existing Prime account) or Apple Music.
Which is the easiest, and cost effective route?
And without additional hardware…Is ALL apple streaming done via Airplay 1 or 2?

Is it wise to create a new thread about a different topic with the same title as an existing one?

Apple music is airplay only and currently not lossless via Airplay. It works also via Chromecast on Android but currently it doesn’t support lossless or didn’t when I last tried it a week or so ago.

Amazon music again will be Airplay only or Chromecast. Airplay will be cd quality lossless only but it’s still airplay so hardly the best transport, Chromecast is still lossy MP3.

Go with Spotify, Tidal or Qobuz they work without hassle, Spotify will be lossless soon and uses connect using this own app and wont rely on Airplay or Chromecast, both the others are properly integrated and use Naims app for control and offer higher quality streams. Tidal connect is coming soon.

Perhaps just a little more patience with a brand new member making his/her first post?? From my point of view welcome to @Hydonhill and hope you enjoy the forum and find it informative and entertaining. There are a lot of people with a lot of hifi knowhow on here so don’t be afraid to ask a question no matter how straightforward it might seem.

When @Hydonhill finds their way around the forum they will discover the joys of the search facility. As far as the question goes, I can only echo the thoughts of @CrystalGipsy and @jmtennapel

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Welcome to the forum. :+1:t2:
I recommend signing up to as many free trials as possible. It’s really a matter of preference. The marginal audio differences might not matter to you over a different user interface. Yes Apple Music will have to be used over airplay but you do get a rock solid performance and a very stable user experience. Also the airplay streaming quality will be fixed very soon and will support CD Quality at the least. Live with them all for a while and see what works for you. I have settled on Apple as my streaming service but that’s partly down to its more affordable pricing and the recent lossless release. I also have a hard drive loaded with Music attached and use the Naim app to play this content.

Thank you to all for taking the time to reply.
It was my first post and evidently I seem to have used it incorrectly…hopefully no harm done.
I presume Spotify, Tidal, and Qobuz all work very well via a Mac/iPad?

Thanks again

Spotify will work from either quite happily as long as you have Spotify app installed, it just a case of choosing the Star as the output in their app. Tidal or Qobuz are iPad or phone only as Naims app only runs on those not Mac. The Star is doing the streaming and the Naim app is just the controller to choose what you want to play on it. It’s not streaming from the iPad or Mac. When Tidal connect is released you will be able to use Tidals native app to play on the Star this runs on Mac and iPad.

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