Apple Music - Is Chromecast lossless?

Sorry if this is a dumb question, but what quality is Apple Music Lossless via Chromecast from Android devices? Is it lossless and if not, how does it compare to the quality of Spotify as both are currently the same cost (£9.99)? Thanks!

Spotify is lossy mp3

Chromecast supports up to 192 kHz hi-res lossless. This is also the upper limit on Apple Music Lossless.

The only downsides are that

  • Chromecast cannot (or poorly?) do gapless playback
  • Chromecast was not designed for hi-res and the software implementation is slow, so hi-res chromecasting makes the streamer work harder, which may or may not be audible.

And you may want to check out this thread - search for Chromecast within the thread:

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96Khz i thought?

Interesting, i have not heard of this before, do you have more information about this perhaps?

For both from the horse’s mouth:

That’s fascinating since all the technical information i can find online, including from Google themselves, points to 96Khz as the maximum bitrate:

The NDX2 product page also states 192 :man_shrugging:

Perhaps someone with Qobuz hi-res can test this!

But apart from that, 192Khz/24bit will use a lot of bandwidth/memory yes…

Anyways, 96/24 is just fine for hi-res SQ and the OP’s needs.

But thanks for mentioning this, interesting and would be nice to get clarified. Maybe @Stevesky finds the time to tell us what the real Chromecast upper limit of sampling rate is?

I just remembered that I have all I need. Streamed Coltrane’s Olé, which is 24/192 on Qobuz, from the Qobuz app (Android) to the Chromecast input of the NDX2. Indeed the Qobuz app first displayed 192 and then switched to 96 in the quality box

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Thanks! :grin:

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It would be a bit of a kick in the teeth if you can get hires and lossless on Android but not via Apple. Will the app on iOS allow Chromecast if it’s installed?

Since Naim does chromecast in hardware the limit is in theory 192 not 96 khz as it is for the regular Google devices. When I played around with casting from the Danish internet radio app I found it frustrating that there was no way to see the actual bitrate for wwhat was being streamed to the unit, even though this was not even close to cd quality, but it would be nice to know. if I can get bettter quality than using vtuner.


Except that the Qobuz app switches to 96 when Chromecasting an 192 file to the NDX2

I found this by chance and thought you’ll find it interesting:

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