Apple Music issue with Uniti Star

Hello all
I have a uniti star streamer. The router which is BT hub 2 latest was installed Feb 03.

There is only 3.5 Metres between the streamer and the router with nothing blocking the signal.

Apple Music just does not work properly.
When selected the music album appears in the uniti screen and music plays. BUT. The volume won’t respond, then the music drops out comes back then out, then the app is totally unresponsive to any commands.

I had an engineer look at the system, who turned everything connected to the router off except the uniti star and the result was the same.

It works perfectly with a network cable. So can Naim or someone with authority please come clean and either download a firmware patch or be honest and accept the Apple ‘difficulties’ and communicate this to Apple users.

Have you reported your issue to naim support?

Who is Tony P and what is the connection with the reported problem?

I’ve changed the thread title here (not sure why it was titled as it was??). As Robert says above, have you been in touch with Naim support on this?

Sorry for the title. Not done this before, thanks for pointing it out.

Doing it at the same time as posting this.

Which device do you use to stream Apple Music?
Maybe your iPhone and then stream to the Star via AirPlay?

Such problems can be very individual to a specific setup or issue in the network; hard to generalize.