Apple Music Lossless to MuSo 2 via DAC

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MuSo 2, Apple Music, DAC, some sort of cable,
Is it even possible to connect the iPhone 15 Pro (with USB C, not Lightning ), to the MuSo via a DAC to use Apple Music in the highest res?

Any recommendations for a DAC and cable to do this? I realise this is a well covered topic, but Ive read so much that my heads spinning and I’m still not 100% that it’s even possible.


Something like this if that unit has coaxial input.

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yeah, I don’t think that cable will fit the Muso analogue input…

I guess what I’m asking is will the Muso amplify and play the headphone output of a DAC when the headphone output is connected to the Muso, and will it be in ALAC lossless from AM on the iPhone.

Yes it will work; I’m doing something similar right now, raspberry pi running roon, dragonfly black usb dac plugged in, phono cable to line input on qb gen 1. I get full hires going into the qb.

With the iPad/iPhone you’ll probably need the camera connection kit; I don’t use it so much now, but used to do iPad → cck → chord mojo → line input on muso gen 1. (Or a meridian explorer)

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To all I know, the Muso 2 digitize the analogue input (e.g. allowing to multi-room it); so I would not spend too much money or effort on a DAC earlier in the chain.

Best thing I’ve read so far: connect the iPhone to the optical S/PDIF input (up to 96kHz) via a USB->SPDIF converter. Then only the DAC in the Muso will be used.

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Do you get a multi room option here?

Excellent, thanks for the info.
Would the Dragonfly Black be better quality than the DAC in the MuSo?

I’ve never compared; but easier to hook up otherwise you have to find something to output optical from the phone to plug into the rear of the muso.

Here’s the cck; there’s probably a usb c version out now.

I think we’ve had this discussion before! The Naim website says, in the Muso Support thing, that all inputs can be multiroomed. That is certainly not the case with my QB2 and I suspect it’s just another error in the Support pages.

You can avoid camera kit on some of the Apple products that have usb c connection. I have an iPad mini can I use an usb to coaxial converter on and plugs straight into the usb c port

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