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Hi guys, I know that there is a special discussion on the subject, but it is very long and I have a simple question: is there a way to listen to Apple Music LOSSLESS on Mu-so 2nd generation from Apple peripheral? Ipad, iPhone, MacBooc etc Thank you!

Hi @TonyManero

The Muso Gen2 code wise (and Uniti/Naim streamers) have been ready for over a year now to support this. It is up to Apple to decide to allow third party Airplay2 products to get the stream. Currently iOS/MacOS intentionally selects the AAC version rather than feed the ALAC equiv.

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We are are a tiny number of voices, but best thing to do is make your wishes heard via the link below…

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As @Stevesky says, Airplay is currently not an option, but you could feed lossless or even hi res lossless to your Naim by using an external DAC, (USB from iOS device into DAC with USB input).

You could just use this external DAC to take a digital PCM to your Naim via optical or digital coax, effectively just using the DAC as a surrogate USB input to your Naim… all a bit clunky and involves cables/dongles and the like.

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Or as a variation on that theme, use a USB to analog DAC like the Audioquest Dragonfly Red or Cobalt and connect to the Qb2 using a 3.5 mm analog lead.

Audioquest reckon that the Apple Camera Adaptor (lightning to USB A) sounds better than the simple Apple lightning to USB adaptor. But it costs quite a bit more.

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