Apple music on nd5 xs


How can I stream apple music to my nd5 xs? Is it just a case of using a lightning connector from my ipad to the usb port on the front?

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i’ve not found a way to ‘stream’ to a 1st gen device

the only way is to download files the the streamer can read and playback

you’d need something like an airport express plugged into an analogue / digital jack to stream

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@Crsm You will need an ND5XS2 to stream Apple Music.

Not familiar with inputs and their capabilities on ND5XS but you could try a media/stream converter, in your case Lightning to SPDIF if you have one handy. I tried Apple Music (including Hi-res) using that approach. Difference being I used an iPad with USB C as source so my media/stream conversion was USB C to SPDIF. Obviously I was on NC and not OC 1st Gen streamer but perhaps SPDIF is just SPDIF.
Link to the thread below;

Others may have better more accurate info.

Yes you can. iPad/iphone lightning socket (or usbc now) to the usb front panel socket works on the first gen streamers.

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Thanks, I’ll give it a try.

Robert is correct, a standard Lightning to USB cable as supplied with your iPhone is all you need. The 2nd gen streamers don’t have this option, as they support Airplay instead, which might lead to some confusion here.

you’ll have to explain how this works to me. a lightning to usb cable plugged into the USB/iPod port in the front of my 172 brings up the screen telling me what music / playlists I have on my phone. Going into Apple Music on the phone gives me a blank screen. There is no option to stream anything from phone to device. What am I missing here?

I’m standing in front of my 172 rn and it will only play files stored on my phone - no streaming


that is a great hack - i just tried it and it works!

I was a doubter and now i am a believer :grinning:

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solved my podcast problem too!

Indeed. Works a treat for me too. Thanks!