Apple Music view of 100 Best Albums

Apple Music are doing a thing just now giving a run down of what they think the 100 Best Albums are. They are being revealed in 10 album chunks, started yesterday.

You do need to have access to Apple Music to listen but I did manage to scroll through Nos 100-91 without signing in, will be interesting to see the complete list.

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Signed in and looked at 100-81, some interesting albums and surprising positions for classic LP’s.

Full list available on 22/5


Nos 10 down to 1 now released.

Not sure they are all on my list of best albums but I suppose that is the great thing about music, we all have our own favourites.


The list appears to have been compiled by the combined fan clubs of Taylor Swift and Kendrick Lamarr. Not a list for persons over 40 years of age!


I politely disagree. Approximately 50% of the 100 are 40 or more years old. If anything there’s an argument that the 60s and 70s are over represented given the lack from the 40s and 50s for example. It would be weird to have a 100 from a select period as great music cuts across genre and time periods. There’s plenty in there for any one of any age and with open ears. It would be bonnets to argue that more recent stuff such as OK Computer or Lemonade is somehow wrongly in there.

Obviously these things are designed to provoke exactly these insane discussions but it’s worth noting that, as something of a Swiftie, 1989 shouldn’t be in there. As a Kendrick fan then his album definitely should be.

These things are largely nonsense but this one is interesting because it does have a slightly unusual quirk in as much as at least 10 of the albums listed aren’t even the best album by that artist.

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Normally I’m a bit meh towards best of lists but this Apple one has caught my eye.

It’s an interesting mix of music with a wide variety of tastes and genres.

Some of the albums listed I have in my collection, of those that I don’t own some are interesting and worth a listen whilst some are not music I want to listen too.

As with any ‘best of’ list it is totally subjective.