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Hi all, I’m thinking of trying Apple Music for streaming (currently using Qobuz) but I’m guessing as Naim streamers don’t have software embedded the only way to stream it to my Nova and Atom would be Air Play? If so does this lose any audio quality?

(having tried that)

But not by so much…
If you are set on using Apple Music, it’s what you have to do.

I use Apple Music on iPhone and iPad and like the service :+1:

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Very true, I love the sound quality of Qobuz but the curation isn’t so great and like you I have Apple everything so may give it a go as a back up.

Try AMAZON Music its got most artist and never stumbles.

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Hi. I’m new here, so my views will be the least sophisticated. I have just (reluctantly) dropped Spotify after ten or more years because of the disappearance of two of my favourite artists (you know who) … and have moved to Apple Music. I’m an Apple everything person so it works from that perspective, but without a ‘connect’ facility, it means that my iPad/iPhone/laptop needs to be constantly connected to the Naim streamer and even a phone call switches it off. That’s a pain but I understood that the Hi-Res Lossless quality of Apple was as good if not better than Spotify. Isn’t that right?

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I think Apple Lossless is pretty good. Way better than Spotify.
The challenge is getting it out of the Apple ecosystem and in to a Naim HiFi, to achieve best listening results.

For my part, I’m happy enough using Apple Music on iPhone, iPad, iMac, when using these devices. Either on the go, or whilst working. (TBH, in these scenarios, doesn’t really matter lossy or lossless).

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No question IMO that Apple is better sound quality than Spotify but as Ratrat said it’s the fact that Naim hasn’t got embedded software for Apple, Qobuz and Tidal are covered with Naim and the results are fantastic but I liked the idea of Apple as I’m a big Apple user and the curation is very good. I love the sound and usability of Qobuz that I’m currently using but curation isn’t as strong point

Not via Airplay 2 which is what is used to airplay to the latest Naim streamers, you don’t get hires but only get aac which is still lossy like Spotify. Whether you notice the difference though is up to you.


Airplay for stereo audio can support lossless CD quality but analysis has suggested lossy streams are currently sent from phones/iPads etc. People have used various USB DACs connected to iPhones/iPads via the powered camera connection kit to get hi-res lossless to Naim streamers but it’s an additional faff/expenditure.

Recent Macs no longer have optical out so again require an external DAC or SPDIF adapter connected via USB or thunderbolt unless using Airplay. An issue with macOS too is that it doesn’t automatically switch output sample rates/bit depth to match the material played back which leads to conversions which are potentially undesirable.

Anyone who knows if it’s possible to get Apple Music to stream like Tidal on my ND5XS ? And if it’s possible - then I hope anyone can tell me how I will do, please.

Many thanks for your feedback guys. I might give Tidal a try.

See one post above. No it’s not.

Hi @kingslymole and welcome to forum - I’m currently experimenting with a trial of Apple Music, and getting decent-ish CD quality results using Apple Airplay through an Apple TV3, but this will not play the Apple high res stream unfortunately. But, I am ‘all in’ the Apple iOS system, and the curation and seamless integration of music playlists and the album library is very impressive, so I can see the attraction of putting up with the inconvenience of a wired connection for just one application, but also to balance out a convenient user experience across all Apple iOS and MacOS platforms.

The only way to achieve Apple Music in HD is a tethered connection with iPhone to a DAC, and then plugg into a Naim amplifier. I’ve not tired this as yet - that will be next on the list…

Good luck with Tidal if you go down that route.

I’m sure Naim would like to support Apple Music natively on the streamers via the app, but the ball is firmly in Apple’s court. Until then you’d have to accept non-ideal workarounds which in general won’t offer the hi-res lossless fidelity you’d want eg Airplay or Bluetooth playback.

I believe Sonos have managed to integrate Apple Music as a source service in their app but what quality that gives I have no idea. There may be others who have managed to integrate with Apple Music but if so I’ve not heard of them.

We have the same issue with the upgraded Amazon Music services - no widespread native integration, again probably down to Amazon.

I’ve always felt Airplay gives very good quality over the years, it’s just that we cannot use it to play Apple Music content to its highest fidelity. It’s a real shame that Apple seem to have just missed these limitations despite all their hype.

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A friend has a Sonos set up and has tried Apple Music and suffers from a lag when starting to play music and other problems he has contacted Sonos and they are aware of this problem and are working on a fix.

Like a few of you I’ve also very happily bought into the Apple ecosystem and subscribe to Apple Music. I have also subscribed to Tidal but, as I am used to the way apple works, much prefer using Apple Music. If you are happy with CD quality then AirPlay works very well. However, I would prefer to be able to stream in Hi-res and the Naim streamers don’t have a suitable USB input. I’m currently looking out for a secondhand nDAC which was Apple approved. It is also worth pointing out that Apple are due to release an app dedicated to classical music in the next few months, which should improve how to find particular versions of a piece and further improve what is already a good service. For some reason only Sonos provides direct streaming of Apple Music but at least proves it is possible, maybe this will come to Naim streamers in time.

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I think I’ll stick with Qobuz for the hi fi and Apple for the Apple devices (on the move) as Qobuz is a better price than Tidal, a great Hi Res catalogue and fantastic CD quality streams, the only weak point being curation.

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Thanks CG. I have just discovered a second problem… as well as an Atom, which works fine with Airplay, I also have a lovely old Uniti2, which, although it worked fine with Spotify Connect, doesn’t work with Airplay at all. And I’ve also discovered that Tidal is twice the price of either Apple Music or Spotify Premium. Oh dear.

Qobuz is £12.99 per month (I think) and better than Tidal IMO